The journey to Milk + Marble...

Mom to two beautiful girls, 11 + 3 years old. I began my business journey when my first daughter was born. When she was 2, I started my first online boutique selling a collection of exclusive brands of apparel + accessories that were not available locally. It was my absolute joy to style little ones.

Fast forward to 8 years later and a few ventures in between, I found that interior design was always my favourite part to each store front I operated. I knew that those 2 things made me the happiest. Kids Things + Decor.

Recently moving into my dream home I began searching online for inspiration to style each of our rooms. I found it difficult to find pieces for my kids that would complement our furniture, again everything I wanted wasn't available locally. 

My love for everything white, modern and a touch of girly became my obsession. The business in me saw the the perfect opportunity to start something great. 

I hope you enjoy each piece that was mindfully chosen from all over the world, to help families create beautiful spaces.